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Born and raised in Ghana, Kate migrated to the United States at a young age of eighteen years to further her education. Since attaining her Bachelors and master’s degrees in Business Administration, Human Resource Management and Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, Kate, the Chief Joy Activator has worked as a Champion for People Development for over fourteen years in various private and public sectors. Kate ignites in others a will-do mindset and can-do attitudes. She has been recognized globally for her commitment to leadership, inspiring women in business, and having high standards of excellence. Kate knows what it means to suffer without God, and to suffer with God. In a season of feeling lost in her marriage, Kate discovered the purpose for her childhood traumas and young adulthood growing pains. The great losses in the form of sexual abuse and physical abuse Kate experienced compelled her to search for her identity in Christ. This journey of heart transformation birthed the I am FREE Woman Ministries Corporation. Kate is the Founder, Visionary, President, and Executive Director of the ministry and works tirelessly to see other women live life joyfully and FREE. Kate is a Pioneer, leading a new healing path focused on reconnecting individuals back to their hearts. As a Transformation Coach and Therapist, she helps women find balance and live a more intentionally focused life centered on their relationship with God, and with others around them. Kate's passion is writing and is the Writer and is the Lead Content Contributor to many of I am FREE Woman ministries' educational teachings, programs, and blog contents. If you were to ask Kate what her greatest achievement is besides her family, she would say using words to inspire, encourage and teach others about living life with God. Kate is a member of Victory Church and actively serves as a Women’s Ministry Journey Partner and Small Group Leader. She and her husband also help restore love and respect in marriages through their advising roles in Victory’s Married Life Ministry. She is married to her supportive husband James and they live in Atlanta, GA with their two children and a Boxer Labrador. When Kate is not writing, you will find her enjoying active lifestyle activities such as hiking or running, and she enjoys cooking and traveling.

Rev Julia Oji_edited.jpg

Rev Julia Oji is a dynamic teacher of the word of God and imparts it’s life- giving virtues with deep insight and wisdom. She and her husband Apostle Fredie Oji are the senior pastors of MIRACLE REVIVAL CHAPEL INT’L, a thriving church where the sound word of God is preached and the power of God is made manifest by the Holy Spirit. Rev Julia is a counsellor, children church minister, conference speaker, and a preacher of God’s word. Mama J as she’s fondly called is the international president of the PRAISE LADIES fellowship, the women’s wing of the church she pastors. She’s also the president of DEBORAH LADIES INTL. a border less network of praying women. She loves to pray. Rev Julia hosts a weekly devotional, the FAITH CRADLE that is dedicated to birthing and grounding believers in the kingdom of God. She’s a prolific writer and the author of the book “ MACHASHIR PLUS”; a devotional book. She’s graced with a healing anointing and loves order and discipline in the body of Christ. Mama J is a mother to two adorable twins- Joy and Fredie Jnr. And she enjoys reading and travelling.

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Dr. Odette Russell, also known as SiDaGoo is the wife of Sijo Abdul Mutakabbir, the founder of Swam Martial Arts Academy. SWAM is a hybrid of various forms of traditional martial art systems that were combined to form its unique 45 year old system. SiDaGoo, one of SWAM’s Grandmasters, has many accomplishments linked to her name. Receiving a Ph.D. in Health Psychology in 2018, being promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt and earning ‘Designated Inheritor’ to the SWAM system in 2019 are some of the prominent ones. Although her martial arts journey officially started in 1971, where Russell trained for one year in the Ji Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do system, it wasn’t until she started training under her husband in 1980 that she considered herself a true martial artist. During Russell’s days as a newbie in the 1980s, she was the only female student within the SWAM system. This meant for that decade, all of her vigorous training sessions which included sparring were only with her male counterparts. Her husband ran his school strict, under a harsh atmosphere, where she received no special treatment. By 1998, she formed her own female division of SWAM, Sister Warriors Against Madness. Her division is a reality-based system focusing on effective martial science and self-defense tactics for females as it strives to heighten control, accuracy, speed, fluid flow of multiple effective strikes, and an understanding of the vulnerable areas of the human anatomy. Along with thousands of hours of training time (over 40 years), she has also participated in semi-contact karate tournaments (katas and kumite division; 75% of her wins were in 1st place) for almost a decade (80s-90s), operated successful dojos for two decades, and taught thousands of individuals (primarily females from 1998 where she produced dedicated female black belts). SiDaGoo has the respect from the martial arts community as she has received multiple honors and awards that include to name a few: “Women of the Year” for 2016 & 2017, ‘Grandmaster Contribution & Life Achievements’ 2016, AMAA Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2017, Dr. Moses Powell Distinguished Lifetime Leadership Science Award 2018, 2019 AWMAI Hall of Fame Inductee honored for 30+ years of martial arts dedication, 2019 UMA Hall of Fame as “Outstanding Distinguished Grandmaster of the Year”, Dr. MLK Prestigious National Volunteer Service Award in 2021, Ron Van Clief & Al Dacascos “Ultimate Warriors” Hall of Fame in 2021, Phalanx Training Academy “Professional Excellence in Martial Arts Recognition Award” in 2021, and “Honors for Leading with Excellence” from the Safety Experts Group in 2022. Her current media appearances include front covers of the following: Serradador Magazine Special Edition 2022, Master Magazine Spring 2022, Deadly Art of Survival Magazine October 2021, and Kombat Magazine June 2021. She is featured in The Sheroes Who Look Like Us, by Valencia Robinson, Black Heroes of the Martial Arts, Volume II, by Shidoshi Ron Van Clief and Shidoshi Glenn Perry, and Who’s Who in the Martial Arts, Volume III, by Grandmaster Jessie Bowen. SiDaGoo also sits on the advisory council of ‘The World Headmasters Sokeship Council”, a martial arts organization benched by senior martial artists from around the world. Dr. Russell conducts self-defense seminars, fitness and wellness workshops, training camps, and lectures to various businesses, religious facilities, martial arts dojos, and colleges. From 2017-2019, she hosted a health and wellness radio talk show directed to martial artists on the Doc Radio weekly podcast. Currently, she is a contributing writer to multiple martial arts magazines.

Sonya Ingram_edited.jpg

Hello, my name is Sonya Ingram and I’m a native of Atlanta, Ga. I have 2 adult children; Samantha 32 and Thaddeus 29. I attend Victory Church and serve on the Production team and lead a small group on Saturdays at their Norcross, Ga location. I’m the founder of Saved and Sanctified (SAS) TeaCup Ministry; a vision & a passion given to me by God some years ago. The purpose of this ministry is to give tea cups/mugs that I have either purchased or created along with some tea (I prefer green tea). SAS was created to help foster an environment of quality, intimate time with God. I’ve also served in the US Army from 1994 - 2004 and received the Joint Service Achievement Medal, the National Defense Medal, the Armed Forces Reserve medal, the Army Service Ribbon, and the Sharpshooter Marksmanship Badge. During my spare time I love going to the movies to watch action packed movies with my nieces, taking pictures of the sky and sometimes make comedic content on YouTube.

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