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Godly Woman & Company 

Honoring God | Serving People | Living FREE

Welcome Dear Sister! Coaching, Discipleship and Community with God, grit and good grace!


We are a non-profit Christian-based personal healing, development and transformation ministry equipping women with biblically-based resources so they develop intimacy with God in their hearts and joyfully pursue healing, holiness and FREEdom in Christ through coaching, discipleship and community.


See yourself the way Jesus does: Sanctified, Whole, Accepted, Godly


We facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being through therapeutic coaching conversations, retreats and workshops, Podcast, Devotionals, Blogs, monthly membership subscription to experience intentional focused group healing sessions in a godly community, and gain curated practical tools for godly living.

1. We teach biblical principles, godly life tools and healthy practices for everyday living
2. We coach life and wellbeing practices to enable a wholeness and godly lifestyle
3. We provide emotional, spiritual, mental heart healing services through coaching, training and therapy
4. We facilitate faith-based biblically guided interventions to heal heart and mind issues
5. We curate and make available faith-based workshops, retreats, and resources for personal growth and development
6. We promote awareness about violence and abuse against women and young girls  
7. We provide resources for the advancement of underserved women and girls in communities around the world

Your subscription and donations funds the ministry's work in helping other sisters in disadvantaged communities around the world receive healing from gender-based violence such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Assault, Emotional Abuse etc.

We encourage you, Dear Sister, to heal your heart, discover your identity, and live FREE with God, grit, and good grace.

Our anchor scriptures: Romans 8, 12:2, 12:12 and Philippians 3:12-14


Choose to be, live, and stay FREE with a forgiving heart, a humble teachable spirit, and a winsome kingdom mindset.

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