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Godly Woman & Company 

Honoring God | Serving People | Living FREE

Do you desire heart healing, a holiness journey, or need hope to thrive? We can help.


We have accepted the call to facilitate [mental, emotional, relational and spiritual] heart healing and holiness and enrich the well-being of Christian individuals, women, girls and families.


Our anchor scriptures are Romans 8, Romans 12:2, Romans 12:12, 1 Corinthians 13 and Philippians 3:12-14. Our focus is for you to “heal your heart and pursue holiness with God, grit and good grace (not good grief)”.


In our Heart Transformation Academy, our aim is to guide you in healing your heart and pursuing holiness with God, grit, and good grace (not good grief). We offer:

- Group Bible Study and Heart Talks (BHTs)

- Private Biblical Counseling and Therapy

- Lifestyle Well-being Coaching

- a Godly Community

- Life Enrichment Events

- Biblical Resources

- Global Community Outreach Missions


Our emphasis is on Heart Transformation, which results in spiritual sanctification. While you are here on our website, we invite you to:

- Join our Dear Sister community: Godly Women Collective

- Enroll in our Heart Healing Academy

- Listen to our podcast: Choose to Live FREE! Podcast

- Subscribe to our social media channels, newsletters

- Donate to support our Global Outreach Missions


Welcome to Godly Woman & Company, a Heart Transformation Academy where you can discover and embrace your identity in Jesus, nurture your faith journey, and find healing from life's challenges. You will find inspiration, encouragement, and through guided training, gain the confidence to embody a joyous and godly Christian lifestyle.


Your subscription and donations funds the ministry's work in helping other sisters in disadvantaged communities around the world receive healing from gender-based violence such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Assault, Emotional Abuse etc.


May your heart be touched by an encounter with Jesus, leading to a transformative impact on your entire life and being. I urge you today to embrace FREEdom, leaving behind the past and moving forward towards the heavenly goal that Christ has set for you.


Choose to be, live, and stay FREE with a willing forgiving heart, a humble teachable spirit, and a winsome kingdom mindset. Remember, you have the Jesus SWAG!


Always in my heart,


Kate "The Chief Joy Activator"

Founder| President| CCDFO

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