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Navigate the path of transforming your heart by renewing your mind. Partner with you to do the heart work that sustains your soul and helps you thrive. Our healing process is biblically focused and sound . We combine biblical principles and practical interventions to facilitate your healing journey.


 Well-being Coaching

Walk with you to process your journey as you open up to God’s presence in your life, and remain hopeful through the opportunities and challenges of life. Encouraging you to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus and live a godly and FREE life . You will gain and embody the Holy Spirit in all areas of your life.


Retreats &

Equip you with biblically-resourced tools in an intimate gathering of 10-15 Christian women. You will learn to rest in God's promises, purge emotional, mental, and spiritual burdens and surge into a new you in a new year.

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Provide support and care to women and girls in our community who need help rebuilding their lives after sexual and domestic trauma. We provide well-being resources to rescue and heal your broken as we share the love of Jesus Christ.

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