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We serve women who are looking to heal emotional, mental, and spiritual heart issues and want to live godly and FREE!

We believe in the power of community and being better together. We offer group cohort coaching where you can join other women in doing the work of healing and transforming your life. This is your opportunity to feel safe and supported in your life journey through Holy Spirit filled guided coaching conversations in a community of 'Dear Sisters' and with a godly facilitator and coach. You will learn to heal and grow from traumas and joyfully pursue holiness.

Do you prefer a heart-to-heart conversation to sort through the opportunities and challenges of life? Do you need a Journey Partner to walk with you in your season of growth? Do you need a listening ear to as you process the joys of life? Do you need one-on-one time to work through and heal from your traumas, adjust to life transitions, move forward in the next step or direction? This is a Heart Transformation process with you, God, grit, good grace and a specialist who is ready to go on the journey with you.  

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