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Membership-based community for the Christian woman who is ready to do the work in partnership with the Lord to 'Heal Her Heart'. She is intentional about pursuing mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational healing AND holiness.

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Through group biblical discipleship, mentoring, and well-being coaching, you are challenged to grow your intimacy with Jesus, heal your heart and find life balance in all areas of your life. You focus on spiritual, mental, emotional and relational wellness. You are joining a community of dear sisters who are intentional and diligent about doing the heart work with God, grit and good grace (not good grief). 

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Why Join?

...because this is your time to live truly and fully FREE in Christ in all areas of life!

Sometimes all your heart needs is an encouraging Word, prayer, a boost of support, a good laughter, a listening ear, or accountability to keep you going. Sometimes we need a safe space to just be with ourselves, be with God, open our hearts to God’s presence and be hope filled in the opportunities and challenges we walk through in life.


If you are looking for a safe community to heal from mental, emotional, relational and spiritual challenges, process what God is up to in your life, gain deep understanding of Scriptures, feel balanced in your life with biblically-sound practical tools, then you are in the right place.

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Can I Cancel Anytime?

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While we don't want to see you go, we understand. Certainly! You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time to be effective the following month. Send an email to

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